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Fuel Poverty Drop-In Sessions

Fuel poverty drop-in sessions to help increase knowledge and confidence on energy saving and affordable warmth.

  • Organiser: Age Concern
  • Type: Session
  • Location: Eastbourne
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Budget: £98

Event Summary

As a part of the drop-in sessions, we helped to review three attendee’s energy accounts and to carry out energy comparisons to see if they could save money by changing tariff or switching supplier.

One person chose to switch in order to save £261 per year. Another chose to switch suppliers to make a saving of £80 per year, and the last attendee was already on the best tariff for them and would not save money by switching.

The last attendee sought further advice because they believed that they had been overcharged on a previous bill. Advice was given on the best way to review this and to determine whether the amount was accurate.

Although not directly relevant to energy, but enabled one person to maximise their income in another way, one person was given advice about how they could save money on their car insurance, saving £100 per year.

Budget £98

The total cost of organising the two-day drop-in sessions was £98. The breakson of which can be seen below:

Room rent: £48
Staff time, admin and refreshments: £50

What format did the event take?

The event was arranged to be over two separate days and ran from 1pm – 5pm as a drop-in session to allow for people's availability.

In order to be prepared to help people with benefits and energy efficiency and affordable warmth questions, the organisers were joined by representatives from National energy Action and Osborne Energy.

How was the event promoted?

The event was promoted by an advert being placed in the local paper, The Herald. It was also promoted through social media and by sending emails with posters to organisations that Age Concern work closely with, such as STEPs, Care for the Carers, the local Job Centre and the Eastbourne Food Bank.

Attendee Feedback & Outcomes

The event was only attended by 3 people, but those that were helped were given one-to-one advice and support.

The attendees expressed how valuable the drop-in sessions were in order to get direct support and advice that is tailored to issues they are experiencing. Overall all were very happy to make savings, which helps their finances overall.

  • Increased confidence and knowledge around energy efficiency and affordable warmth
  • Increased confidence about how to check whether energy statements are accurate and how individuals should go about disputing balances if they think they are incorrect
  • Annual savings made from switching energy supplier, or learning how to do this in the future
  • An opportunity to discuss other ways to save money annually

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