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Warming Up Britain Case Study

Fuel poverty workshops & open days

Fuel poverty workshops, community groups and open days organised over seven months in Nottingham without a budget.

  • Organiser: BassetLaw Action Centre
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Duration: 7 months
  • Budget: £0

Event Summary

Sharing information about energy efficiency at community groups was beneficial to link in to other issues that individuals might experience, as well as identifying people that might need one-to-one advice. Through these events, 29 people received one-to-one advice, either in the organisation’s offices or at the individual’s homes.

The focus has also been to visit NHS Team Meetings around Bassetlaw to provide further information about energy efficiency and affordable warmth in order to better equip NHS staff to provide advice and support to patients that they visit.

Budget £0

This event was organised without a budget.

What format did the event take?

A number of workshops have been arranged by visiting pre-established community groups and open days.

How was the event promoted?

Leaflets have been distributed with key information on and contact numbers, but community groups have also used their pre-existing communication methods to promote the services and advice being offered.

Attendee Feedback & Outcomes

In 7 months, 99 people have been at events and workshops, but this doesn’t include the numbers of people that have received leaflets and tips at open days.

People who were engaged with by these workshops and open days expressed that the information and talk provided was both interesting and informative.  The NHS frontline workers were grateful as they expressed that they now felt confident to take the information out into the community as they go into client’s homes and can offer advice where needed.

  • Increased confidence and knowledge around energy efficiency and affordable warmth
  • Households that required additional support were met face-to-face

Website Resources Used

The organiser of this event used one or more resources from this website for research and practical examples. If you're thinking of hosting your own event you might find the following resources useful.

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How to read your gas bill

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