Warming Up Britain Case Study

Affordable Warmth Workshop

Affordable warmth workshop to discuss issues and experiences as well as provide useful information and advice.

  • Organiser: Tuntum
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Budget: £415

Event Summary

A short interactive presentation was delivered by the ‘Healthy Housing Service’ and then residents were encouraged to talk to the organisers about issues that they were experiencing and what could be done to resolve them.

The residents were advised about the benefit of switching energy suppliers and the difference between standard and fixed energy tariffs. They were told how they could compare prices, through Ofgem-approved websites and telephone numbers, and how switches could be made.

There were five members of the group who were signed up to the Priority Services Register.

The workshop was also used as an opportunity where the households could report repairs to the contractors and discuss issues that they have been experiencing.

At the end of the workshop, and used to promote the initial attendance to the workshop, a prize draw was held. The prize draw gave the opportunity for a household to win a low energy cooking appliance.

A goody bag was given to everyone who attended, which contained hygrometers, plastic meter keys, water-saving equipment from Severn Trent Water and free pends from TunTum Housing.

The workshop was videoed to capture the discussions and attendees. Here were also photographs taken, which will be used for reporting purposes.

Budget £415

In total, the event cost £415 to organise, which was broken down in to the following:

Venue and refreshments - £120
Prizes - £70
100 x Hygrometers for goody bags - £125
100 x meter keys for goody bags - £100

What format did the event take?

The event was a workshop that was organised by TunTum, but was run on the day by ‘The Healthy Housing Service’, which is an affordable warmth scheme that is run across Nottinghamshire and is funded by Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham Energy partnership.

There were contractors present from Vinshire Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to answer any technical questions that arose.

How was the event promoted?

The workshop was advertised through the use of postcards that were sent to all of TunTum’s households in Nottingham.

Social media was also used to raise awareness of the date, time and location of the event and a week prior to the event, advisors from Tuntum’s House Management and Maintenance Team advised customers of the workshop when contact was made either face-to-face or over telephone.

Attendee Feedback & Outcomes

On the day of the event, 14 people attended from 12 Tuntum’s households.

To gauge feedback from those who attended, attendees were asked at the beginning of the workshop how confident they were about changing tariffs and energy providers. Then, at the end they were given another opportunity to express their confidence. They were each given red, yellow and green cards to symbolically show their understanding.

There were 9 people that took part in the confidence quiz. 8 out of the 9 who participated said that the workshop had helped them to increase their confidence.

All of the attendees said that they would like to come back to another event held in a year’s time.

  • Increased confidence and knowledge around energy efficiency and affordable warmth
  • Households have saved money from switching energy supplier, or learning how to do this in the future
  • Households that require additional support have been added to the Priority Services Register
  • An opportunity for people to report issues

Website Resources Used

The organiser of this event used one or more resources from this website for research and practical examples. If you're thinking of hosting your own event you might find the following resources useful.

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